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TT Solutions Ltd. is a Bulgarian trading company, an official representative of the Austrian brand BERGERecotrail® for Bulgaria and Macedonia - a standard for lightweight and extremely reliable heavy-duty semi-trailers.

The own weight of a BERGERecotrail® semi-trailer of just 4.7 tons, combined with its design for extreme point load, satisfies the highest demands.

With BERGERecotrail® a whole company is systematically adapting itself in order to meet the new economic and ecological requirements of freight transport.

Effective solutions against increasing pressure for efficiency, incalculable price fluctuations in fuel costs and declining margins - "experience" this today with the ultimate lightweight semi-trailers from BERGERecotrail®.



Johann Berger started his family business in 1961 by establishing Berger Logistik, which has proved a stable and reliable partner over the years. Presently, 50% of Berger Logistik is owned by Red Bull and 50% by Berger Holding.


One of Johann Berger's activities was the extraction and transportation of large marble blocks, for which he needed a lightweight and extremely sturdy semi-trailer reliable enough even for extreme point loads. Then its development began, and in 1994 it lead to the establishment of Berger Fahrzeugtechnik GMBH.


What lies behind BERGERecotrail® today is the requirements and passion for high-performance motor sport - namely in the face of the company owner and entrepreneur, Gerhard Berger. Uncompromisingly light and safe, we bring the success factors and perfectionism of world class motor racing into goods transportation.



Through the use of high-performance materials and innovative processes, BERGERecotrail® has developed a unique range of lightweight semi-trailers. The result: the semi-trailers have an ultimate low tare weight of less than 4,700kg with two effects: less weight saves fuel and operating costs. As a forwarder, this means you increase your profit margins.

Low weight also means more payload. With semi-trailers from BERGERecotrail®.



An important feature of the lightweight technology and trademark of BERGERecotrail® is the Reuleaux triangle - holes in the chassis reducing the dead weight and at the same time preserving the mechanical properties of the structure.


Statically, it embodies the perfect contour for the greatest possible lightness with maximum stability. BERGERecotrail® has adapted, tested and systematically applied this ideal form for cargo transportation purposes.


With the result that the trailers weigh under 4.7 tonnes - the new benchmark in the industry.


State-of-the-art technology from BERGERecotrail®