The lightest semi-trailer in the heavyweight class

Through the use of high-performance materials and innovative processes, BERGERecotrail® has developed a unique range of lightweight semi-trailers. The result: the semi-trailers have an ultimate low tare weight of less than 4,700kg with two effects: less weight saves fuel and operating costs. As a forwarder, this means you increase your profit margins.


Low weight also means more payload. With semi-trailers from BERGERecotrail®.


The steel of unlimited possibilities – S700

Steel S700, used for the BERGERecotrail® chassis and cornering chassis, makes the construction extremely robust and suitable for carrying even goods with extreme point loads.


S700 is an enriched steel with a variety of alloying elements such as
C: 1.20-1.35%; Cr: 3.80-4.50%; Mo: 3.20-3.90%; W: 9-10%; H: 3.00-3.50%; Co: 9.50-10.50%


S700 has a reduced composition of some harmful chemical elements: Si <0.45%; Mn <0.40%; P <0.03; S <0.03



Hard, harder, hardwood

Each panel of the semi-trailer consists of 13 layers of compressed hardwood which are connected together under high pressure using a special adhesive and differently positioned fibre glass mats.


Through this, the floor can reliably withstand the high loads exerted by fork-lift trucks and point loads of the freight. The panels are bolted to the cross beams and uniformly cut to a size of 1,500 mm x 2,350 mm which allows easy replacement.



Shassi -
Maximum strength, minimum use of materials

In two extremely slim longitudinal beams made of special S 700 fine-grained steel, recesses in the form of "Reuleaux triangles" have been formed in the web plate by means of precision metalworking tools.


The functional interaction between the steel quality and well-designed geometry has been achieved by using high-strength welding wire whereby the material is carefully processed within a calculated temperature window.



Construction - quality without compromise

BERGERecotrail® is produced by using only high quality materials and parts supplied or manufactured by leading European companies such as SAF, BPW, WABCO, KNORR, HAACON, EDSCHA, etc.



Reuleaux triangle –
openings in the longitudinal girders of the chassis

An important feature of the lightweight technology and trademark of BERGERecotrail® is the Reuleaux triangle reducing the weight of the holes in the chassis while maintaining mechanical strength.
Statically, it embodies the perfect contour for the greatest possible lightness with maximum stability. BERGERecotrail® has adapted, tested and systematically applied this ideal form for cargo transportation purposes.


With the result that the trailers weigh under 4.7 tonnes - the new benchmark in the industry.