LTn - standard and lightest semi- trailer from BERGERecotrail®

The lightest semi-trailer from BERGERecotrail® weighs less than 4.7 t - especially suitable for transporting goods such as beverages, canned goods, metal and wood panels, paper and all heavy items loaded on pallets, in octabin containers or in big bags which are frequently transported in large quantities .


LTCn - our "coil specialist"

With a tare weight of under 5.3 t, this semi-trailer from BERGERecotrail® is specially manufactured for the transport of steel and aluminum coils, and slit strips. Even the heaviest coils can be safely and securely transported in the 8,220 mm long trough and ample space remains for shipping a lucrative partial load.


LTMn – the lightest MEGA of the current market with a weight of 4,9 t

The new Mega is completing the product range of BERGERecotrail® and is two steps ahead the competition.A combination of maximum inner height and most possible payload within the legal requirements.


LTMCn – Mega with Coil – the perfect allrounder

The net weight of 5,5 t and the max. payload of 29.480 kgs is the benchmark  of the market segment “Mega”.This trailer allows you to fulfill all transport demands of the market. (Standard, Coil, automotive industry).


LTnP - our Plateau trailer

All BERGERecotrail® models are also available without a superstructure as plateau trailers and are produced both without as well as with 1, 2, 3 or 4 pairs of side panels together with double rear doors according to the customer´s request. The plateaus are equipped with specially-designed floors and is the ideal vehicle for use in construction industry and building materials trade. The plastic coating used on the floors has the maximum degree of moisture repellent.


LTCnP – Plateaeu trailer with Coilmulde

More variability due to exposed construction and the possibility to transport coils.


20 LTn - 2 axle semi trailer - 4285 kg dead load, 38t. total permissible load for a combination.

The newest product of BERGER is a 2-axle-semi-trailer, which is available both as standard and as a "mega" version. Compared to the standard 3-axle semitrailers, the 2-axle has many advantages - its dead load of 4285 kg, the ability to carry heavy loads, lower tolls, lower fuel consumption, lower running costs for tires, discs, brake pads, etc.

The total permissible load of a combination (tractor together with a 2- axle semi-trailer) within the European Union is 38t. The ability to carry a payload with a 2-axle semi-trailer is up to about 25 tons.